A very affordable ordering platform for the crowd.

Learn how ParkCollect works

Getting you digital ready.

Many small businesses are not digital ready due to high startup costs, complicated set-up or tedious process. We get that.

This is why we started the ParkCollect initiative. An affordable and community-driven ordering platform, which enables businesses of all sizes to start selling online within a couple of hours.

All done through your mobile devices.

Apple Pay or Google Wallet?
Why not both.

Accept payments seamlessly through our platform. We offer credit card as the default payment option in addition to integrations with Apple Pay & Google Wallet.

We also offer transaction fees to be paid for by the customers and strive to expedite vendor payments, including bank clearance within 2-3 days, because we get how important cashflow is to a small business.

We are also actively working on partnerships to bring even lower fees and faster clearance rates for our vendors.

Click-and-Collect or Delivery?
Your choice.

We are a platform that enables customers to pre-order, pre-pay and pick up the order. Effectively, enabling all our vendors to offer click and collect.

You have the resources and you want to set the fee and do the run yourself, hence why we offer a delivery option for vendors who wish to set a fee and do the run themselves. We got you covered.

Our Three Core Values

Unlike your typical business, ParkCollect is not built with sole purpose of commercialisation.

We are an initiative born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and our founders have set these three core values to ensure that the platform stays truthful to its reason of existence.

It needs to be easy.

It's all about our users. Any engagement with the platform will need to be easy. No exceptions.

It needs to be affordable.

We exist because of our vendors and customers. Pricing needs to be fair to ensure sustainability.

It needs to be community driven.

Features are driven by user suggestions and always engage local talents. Never outsource it.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and we give you a personalised ordering URL and QR code that you can share.
  2. Once an order cleared. We'll SMS you the order. No app, no elaborate set-up required.
  3. Fulfill the order, check if customer is picking up or you are delivering.
  4. We'll handle the payment & transfer the funds to your account.*
  5. Enjoy your free ordering platform!**
  6. Need more features? Get in touch and we'll see if we can make it happen!
No FOMO, join us now.
  • Even though we provide this platform for free, unfortunately we can't avoid transaction fees charged by a third party. We are working towards a partnership to bring this down as low as possible. For now it's 1.85% + 40c, which we offer to be covered by your customers.
  • We'll aim to clear the account on daily basis, however, this is subject to how fast banks clear payments.
  • If you find this useful, please spread the word. We would like to help as many businesses as we can! #SupportSmall

Is it really free?

No such thing as free lunch right? What's the catch?

We are offering the basic platform for free now to all our early adopters as a way for us to say thank you for trusting us. The free offer is not forever and will be phased out at some point. However, staying true to our core value of being affordable, we will never charge an exorbitant fee.

For the time being, we are thinking a small nomimal amount that should not be anymore than a cup of coffee per day. Forever. The revenue will go towards paying our server cost and buying coffee so we can keep maintaining the platform. #SupportSmall.

Some of our early adopters